Regional Wānanga

Kia ora ngā uri o Tūaropaki

Trust Order Review 

The Trust Order Review process has been a significant undertaking for the Trust this year, such is the importance of ensuring a robust process, with whakaaro that is led by our Owners. Our aspirations were to connect with as many Tūaropaki whānau as possible during five regional wānanga around the motu, to seek feedback on the future of Tūaropaki Trust. 

The Trust Order process was as follows. 

  • Step 1: Regional wānanga and consultation document to collect Owners’ views 
  • Step 2: Feedback collated with Kāhui Legal presenting key themes and next steps at the AGM on 4th February 2023 with a report sent to the Owners thereafter 
  • Step 3: Either further consultation is required OR  
  • Step 4: DRAFT Trust Order will be sent to Owners 
  • Step 5: Special General Meeting to consider the draft Trust Order and vote on whether or not to accept the draft Trust Order 
  • Step 6: If the Vote accepts the draft, then an application will be made to the Māori Land Court to update and confirm the new Trust Order 

The regional wānanga provided an opportunity to learn about the history of the Trust and an opportunity for you to share your whakaaro on two important matters:  

  1. Current Trust Order, potential changes, and the impacts these may have on Owners 
  2. Future of the Trust – what are your aspirations for the future Trust 

All regional wānanga have been well attended, in particular the last wānanga in Taupō on the 15th  of October 2022, which had an incredible turn out, concluding what has been an insightful and valuable process.  

Step 1 required us to listen, discuss, and record responses from our uri and Owners.  In addition to collating feedback at the wānanga, we have also been collecting written feedback from Owners who were unable to attend the wānanga.   

Step 2 once all feedback has been collated, Kāhui Legal will present key themes at the AGM on 4th February 2022 where Owners get to hear what the next steps in the process will be.