Education Grants

Tuaropaki Trust provides Education Grants for owners or their descendants, in the following categories:


Secondary School Grants

Tertiary Grants

Scholarship Grants

For Years 11, 12 and 13. For fee based NZQA approved courses and Tertiary Institutions.

For fee based NZQA approved Tertiary Institutions and courses of study in following areas:
Science (Geology/Geothermal, Engineering, Horticulture, Agriculture)
Business Studies/Commerce (Economics, Finance, Law, Communications)
Māori (Language, Culture, Development)


Please note applications for all 2018 Education Grants have now closed.





Click here for an application or contact the Office on +64 7 376 2500 or for a form to be sent out.

Register online:

Register online:



First time users will need to create a username and password to register and complete a personal profile. Please make a note of this information as you can login each time to update your details and each year to reapply.

Tertiary Grants are provided for applicants who are a current Tuaropaki E owner or descend from a current Tuaropaki E owner and, who are enrolled in a fee based NZQA approved course and Institution. Owners (or their descendants) who live overseas can also apply – the course and Institution must be approved by the Government of the country in which the study takes place. Applications for free or zero scheme courses are not eligible.

A limited number of Scholarships are offered in the areas of our business operations.

  • Science (Geology/Geothermal, Engineering, Horticulture, Agriculture) 
  • Business Studies/Commerce (Economics, Finance, Law, Communications)
  • Māori (Language, Culture, Development)

Successful Scholarship recipients will receive a grant every year for identified period of the course, subject to the successful completion and passing of courses each year and current enrolment in pursuit of the qualification initially applied for. The Scholarship is in addition to the Tertiary Grant.

A current CV is requested as part of your 2018 tertiary/scholarship applications. We are currently developing our Internship and Scholarship database and your CV will assist when considering candidates.

For more information about Education Grants please contact:

Owner Services
Tuaropaki Trust
Phone:  +64 7 376 2500