The Tuaropaki Trust is a cornerstone shareholder of Miraka Limited - a state of the art whole milk powder and Ultra-High Temperature (UHT) plant built on Tuaropaki land.

Miraka is a relatively new entrant to the New Zealand dairy processing industry. Miraka has built a credible brand based on its strong Maori shareholder base.  The shareholders include Tuaropaki Trust; Wairarapa Moana Incorporation; Vinamilk (Vietnam); Waipapa 9 Trust; Hauhungaroa Partnership; Tauhara Moana Trust; Pouakani Trust; Te Awahohonu Forest Trust and Global Dairy Network.

Miraka produces high quality whole milk powder to meet high-end ingredient requirements.  The milk powder is sold to high-end international customer base.  Miraka also produces consumer packs of UHT milk for the international market

The Tuaropaki Trust works closely with Miraka to provide a renewable energy and environmental sustainable model for their operations.  Miraka uses renewable electricity and steam from the Mokai geothermal field to run its processing operations - a world first for the whole milk powder processing industry.  This gives the Miraka product a lower carbon footprint and potential marketing advantage.  Further, biological waste created during the drying process is composted at the Tuaropaki Trust worm farm.

The continued investment in Miraka allows the Trust to have vertical integration of supply chain of the global dairy sector.