Sports Grants

Tuaropaki Trust recognises and supports the sporting achievements of our Owners (and their descendants) by providing a Sports Grant to eligible applicants. The sports grants are open all year. Only one grant can be applied for per financial year.

To be eligible you must:

  • Whakapapa directly to at least one living Tuaropaki E owner.
  • Be selected as a National Representative and/or National Māori Representative with a nationally recognised sport body.
  • Participate in an International Tournament.

To apply online or download a paper form for a written application please go to: 

NB: The Owner endorsement and Applicant declaration section of the online form will require a signature on paper.


For more information about Sports Grants please contact:

Owner Services
Tuaropaki Trust
Phone: +64 7 376 2500 or +64 0800 376 2500