Food and Nutraceutical

As global concerns increase about the long term sustainability and stability of the world’s food supply, the Trust is striving to help meet these challenges by either buying or investing in businesses which offer innovative technology and consumer benefits to meet such challenges.

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With the worldwide issue of overpopulation and a projected shortage of food, the Trust became a cornerstone investor in San Francisco based food tech company, Treasure8.

In 2016, the Trust confirmed its investment in the food innovation business.

Treasure8 specialises in researching the development and creation of healthy, nutritional food products whilst focussing on the reduction of global food waste.

The company has also developed advanced food dehydration technology which retains the nutritional value of food.

Treasure8’s objectives relating to sustainable food supply, the retention of nutritional elements and minimising waste align closely with the Trust’s own goals.

Wasabiplant Sml

Kawaai British Columbia wasabi

In 2014, the Trust established Kaawai British Columbia in Canada, a large commercial scale wasabi growing operation.

A well-known condiment in Japanese cooking, wasabi is recognised for its health and wellbeing properties, including lowering the risk of heart disease, increasing short term memory and removing toxins from the body.

The wasabi farm is located on Canada’s south western coast.  A large number of wasabi plants are grown in greenhouses located on Vancouver Island.

With moderate temperatures the region is ideal for growing wasabi.