Update Your Contact Details

Do we have your email? Have you moved house?

Add an email address to your Owner details and help us keep you up-to-date.

Owners, use the link below to go to the Owners Contact Details Update form, fill in and click submit.


Ask yourself:

Do I need to update my contact details with the Trust?

Would I prefer to receive Pānui in electronic form rather than as a paper mailout?


Don’t have access to the internet but need to update your details?

Contact: +64 (7) 376 2500 or 0800 376 2500



Why you should ensure you are fully registered and your contact information correct:

Ensuring you are fully registered as an Owner with the Trust (and your contact information is up to date) helps us reach you with important information. You also need to be fully registered to have access to benefits and services provided by the Trust to our Owners and their Uri (descendants).

Dividends can only be paid to a registered Owner whose contact details and bank information are verified as true and correct. If we do not have this information the dividend you would have received is held by the Trust as unclaimed until your correct details are verified and updated.


What to do if you are an Owner and have changed name or contact details:

Let us know if any of your contact or bank details change so we can update the Trust’s Owners Register. If we lose contact with you then you may not receive any information from the Trust. If you change your name, you must provide us with a verified copy of the legal documentation.